Sunday, February 05, 2006

After a long time....

I am feeling sleepy after that looooong journey, But people advised me not to sleep now, so that it will help me to adjust to the new time zone easily.

Before u go anywhere or visit any place u will have something in mind about that place, some vague pictures that u create urself, that u got from others from stories related to that place from movies; and after all these inputs in ur mind will create an image for you...and atlast when u really got a chance to view the original, sometimes surprisigly those images will match, sometimes it is going to be entirely different and u feel strange with the reality....


Blogger Lazy strokes said...

I knew this coming!

dont try to match anything. Try to see it as a new thing. That will be better, I feel... :)

12:30 AM  

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