Tuesday, February 14, 2006

After One Week

It was my first flight, but there was nothing worth mentioning about the first flight. I dint get any window seat L, may be that would have made it worth mentioning. Anyway from Tokyo to LA I got a window seat, but on top of pacific ocean I had nothing to watch, you can sea a star shining in the right corner of the sky, and it will remain there and there is nothing that makes you feel that you are moving, it is like the flight is standing still somewhere in the sky.
When we enter US from pacific you have a fantastic view, initially I saw some vague shapes then it became clearer, something turned to mountains, something to farm fields and those straight lines to roads.

Then they bring the break-fast, after that when I looked down everything was changed you can't see anything it is full white, fully covered with clouds, and at times you can see some mountain tops between the clouds, al together it looks like some national geographic magazine photo.

I waited for radhesh , and they came with a greeting "welcome to America" , I got into the car, Anish was also there.

And I was watching everything, the cars, people, roads, buildings, huge banners and then came the question "How is America?" from Anish,…I dint say anything loudly but from with in I was telling to me " Hmm..full dry aayittundu, no life…"

And the next two three days I hated the place, "its smell" ..eveywhere I felt some bad smell, and I thought "ok, that is the smell of America ", I felt it in right from the apartment corridor to the office building, in the evening I felt the same inside the Wal-mart shop. "Hmm full desp aayi". And I was so much frightened to walk through the apartment corridor, from the entrance I had to go walk through this long narrow corridor to reach my room, each time I looked back to see if somebody is coming behind me. It is the kind of corridors u used to see in horror movies where the heroine is running fast and the camera or bhooth is running behind. I thought " che enikku ithra pediyo, mosham thane" , but that was the truth. And you can't sleep at night because of jet lag , you feel sleepy around 3 – 3.30 pm and it will last till 10 – 11 pm after that it is very difficult to sleep.
So that was the first part of it and I would say it was rather biased, after that initial bad feeling (and the jet lag effect added on that), in short I looked towards only the bad side of it.

But after two three days, when I got recovered from jet lag, things slowly changed. I started looking at things afresh, and then I found out the first good thing, it was the clear blue sky. I went out to buy a pack of Marlboro, but they asked me to show the ID card to prove my age, I showed them Indian license, they politely gave it back and took back the cigar pack, then I tried the PAN card, and somehow they are convinced and I got my cigar.

Now I am alone in my room, anish has left to India, I went for a fag, for the first time I opened the door to our balcony, took my first puff, oh with that puff everything changed suddenly, it is like I started enjoying the place, you can say it as " that first puff changed everything"…I am no more feared to walk through that corridor, to be in the room alone.

And it was my first week end here, Friday night we went to watch cricket match and played cards till morning J after a long time I played 28. "avasaanam kunukku keriyengilum kali theerunnathinu munpu njan owners vlichu kunukku irakky channu J "

Saturday morning we went for "Thamathra" . even the second time I enjoyed the movie very much. When we came out of the movie hall it was like we were coming out of park centre hall, you could see only ussosiates , and channuuuu, I saw her in a blue churidar…athe aval thanne…" aadu aadu aaadaau, channu ee paattu dedicate chythaval thanne with lavan" … he talked to me .. and the very first thing he asked was about channu….."ivaleyum ketty ivde kondu vannu channuvine desp aakkiyittu ippo howz channu ennu chodikkunnoda ennu chodikkan thonniya nimishangal " …pakshe njan athu chodichilla.

In the evening we played cricket , njan avideyum oru kidilam aanennu theliyichoonnu prathyekam parayandallo J

Sunday we dint go anywhere .. I saw "thoovanathumbikal"….ee film ivde vannu kaanaruthu ennu vicharichathaanu but still I could not resist, film onnu ushaarayappo…" namukku onnu break cheyyande entishttaa" ennu thonny..pinne "oro naranga vellam angadu kaachiyaalo" nnu vicharichu , pakshe stock illaarunnu.

Klara…."aval vannappozhellaam mazha peyyunnundaayirunnu"…..pinne vadakkum nadha kshethrathinte chuttum angane jayakrishnan radhayodu samsaarichu nadakkuvaanu….chanthuuuu enikku avde pokaan thonny…ennittu thrisandhya nerathu athinu chuttum engane onnum alochikkathe nadakkaaanum.

Oduvil train ottappalam station vittittu jayakrishnanum radhayum orumichu platformil ninnappo njan ezhunettu…………manassu niraye veedum, ambalavum, avalum (klara) ellam koody aake oru bhaaram…

Ippo kure bhaaram poya pole………………


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