Sunday, June 04, 2006

Happiest and Saddest Part of a week, in here..

Evening, me and dravid* in his car, and on evenings, it is my turn to decide upon the songs to be played on our drive back home. Friday evening as we drive to our apartment I feel happy, not just happy, it is the happiest moment in that entire week. Come home, feel lazy, have a cup of tea, come out of ur apartment, stand in the balcony staring towards sky and thinking of…well so many things. And it can make you feel romantic, nostalgic or melancholy. Dial some number, other side it can be she, he , amma, achan,….

Suddenly when I woke up it is Sunday evening ….No, it can’t happen so fast, sh!@t.
And the saddest part begins to creep in.

Note: It is his(my friend's) nick name, of course not because of his excellent cricketing abilities


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