Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Logic, Science and Philosophy

Nowadays I am more interested in browsing thru wikipedia. There was nothing useful to do, so I started browsing through wikipedia. It is really good man.

And I believe this interest is the after effect of me finishing the second round of Zen and the Art… So I had this sudden urge of understanding the basics. Ok, where to start, I thought.

I started from my school days, till 10th standard I was able to understand most of things (or at least I think so), I am talking about school syllabus. Then pre-degree, it was an abrupt change; I could not understand most of things. For example let me ask this basic question, what is differentiation/integration?. If your math lecturer or professor (whoever it is) gives you an equation to differentiate or integrate, u will finish that in seconds, but why? Why are we doing this, what is the meaning all this? I never asked this question then, and when I started asking it was too late, anyway better late than never.

So I started with differentiation, ohh it was too interesting to browse about calculus, its uses, why we differentiate, why we put that long ‘s’ for integration, everything had a meaning, it was not just happened to be like that.

The second topic of interest was ‘Relativity’, it is one of the major milestones in modern Physics, but I donno what it is, shame. And it was also interesting. It explained the meaning of time, how time is different in different points of references, how gravity can be considered as a curve in time-space. Too interesting, but why we missed all these interest, all these questions, why we never thought of the underlying meaning. I am worried, thinking about how we wasted our time by trying to answer exam questions. So while browsing thru all these I read of so many great personalities, who contributed to all this.

While browsing through the scientists, who explained all this mysteries to us, I found an interesting thing. Everybody, during their early stages of life was purely concentrating on science, and as a result they could come up with new theories. But later on as they started digging towards the ultimate truth, they could not explain everything in terms of science, or at least by their logic, and they became philosophers. For example if u look at Einstein he was a philosopher, if u look at Alan Turing he was a Philosopher.

So what was the point, as a beginner everybody was confident, on science, on logic, but later on, the more they tried to understand the more they found unexplainable things?

So did that give Einstein satisfaction, after explaining the most exciting theory of modern Physics? Yea I think for sure that it gave him satisfaction as a Physicist, not as a Philosopher.


Blogger Lazy strokes said...

The best things about logic is that, you can find a way to explain anything, shut it down, and be happy. Science doesnt give you that luxury.

I often think that sceintific thinking got too miskewed, it got too pre-occupied with itself that eventually it lost its purpose.

11:59 PM  
Anonymous the stranger said...

Science is tough, one have to sweat to get a clue. Philosophy is something easier...easy to understand compared to theories. I think the problem of man is, he still runs behind GOD. Trying to catch GOD and sell Him in the market. Or, may be for his own satisfaction. Whatever, the question of GOD is the major mystery man ever had.

7:49 PM  

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