Saturday, September 09, 2006

I Luv NY

That became one of the most exciting trips so far. NY and Niagara….

After the trauma to find out our parking lots, we just got in time to our flight to NY.

To make things perfect, I got the window seat. Enjoyed the speeding through the runway, then that feeling on your lower stomach when it just takes off,

Sight of those big parking lots turning into small areas with smaller patterns.

In fifteen minutes we were flying over Las Vegas, then Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon..

I was waiting for the sun set view from flight, but disappointed; it was on the other side. But later the night view of Chicago city was superb!!

Again at Newark airport we lost around 2 hours trying to find out P4, from where we need to catch shuttle buses to our hotel.

Next day morning, to NY. I won’t say that I am excited, it was raining, and that made happy. Though later we missed the city panoramic view from the top of Empire State Building, all together rain generated the right mood. And we came out of NY PEN station, trying to locate the places to visit, from the map, not knowing whatz waiting us. Nobody was thinking that we are about to enter to those narrow streets; everybody was busy studying the map, giving suggestions on where to go and all. We climbed the steps, came to the street, I just casually raised my head, not knowing that I am about to see one of the most exciting sights.

I stood still, unable to digest the whole thing immediately. I looked up, trying to reach my sight on top of each building. And each time when you wondered, “how tall this one is”, there came another one to beat that. If you ask me about the most exciting thing about NY, I would say - “these walks thru the streets…”, where you could feel the city, and as I told earlier, rain made it more enjoyable.

Streets, where most of them don’t care about the traffic signal to cross the street, nobody cares when the car behind them hits their car’s bumper. The streets look Yellow, ‘coz most of the cars being Yellow cabs. You could walk for hours with out getting bored a bit, watching life everywhere, watching people from all around the world, and talks (even in Malayalam). And you will start to love this City, love to be a part of these busy streets. Now I understood why most of them wear ‘I Luv NY’ T-Shirts.

By evening we reached in front of an old cathedral, got inside. It was prayer meeting time, and somebody sang too well, I felt like listening to opera, (One and only opera I heard before is in DCH). It made me relaxed and calm. We continued our walk in silence, not hurrying a bit, stopping on all signals, unlike our fellow pedestrians.

Madame Tussads was a place to experiment our skills in still photography, photos with Salma Hayek to Gandhiji to Einstein to Oozy…wait n see.

That day ended with our dinner at Hard Rock Café at Time Square….koppy kudichu…there was an interesting message, on the wall facing our table. It is written that “All is One”, with Buddha at center of the wall, accompanied by our very own Ganapathy, Hanuman, then St. Mary and at last most interestingly Elvis … making it unique.

Listened to some good, rare tracks, most of them were new to me, but still sounded so familiar.

Next day it was to Statue of Liberty.
Lower Manhattan facing the Liberty Island was a wonderful sight.

Later in the evening we went to Ground Zero. As somebody told, we could still feel that sorrow in the air, everything is still, the streets are so calm, looked like still in the shadow of 9/11. We walked straight to the banks of Hudson, sat there for some time, facing New Jersey on the other side of Hudson.

Trip back to our hotel was interesting. We had taken rental cars for next day’s Niagara trip. So we had to drive back from Newark PEN Station, somehow we consistently took wrong exits and reached somewhere far away from our hotel.

Aarokkeyo thery vilikkunnundu.

1:dai ithengotttt

2:ariyilla we will take I 78 south

1: dai southo atho northo

2: north



And these kinds of conversations, of course accompanied by special Malayalam usages, lead us to somewhere; still I could not believe that we reached back to our rooms.

Drive to Niagara was planned to start early morning 4 o’clock, but after that wonderful round trip last night we could reach back only by 1 o’clock, so I was almost sure that we are goin to move far away from 4 o’clock schedule. Thank God that we could start by 6, and long 6 hours drive is ahead of us.


Anonymous Geo said...

Loved this.. :)

Hmph.. No image allowed.

I've been to the Hard Rock Cafe once, we kinda ran in there because of the rain. And we couldn't find seats, the best I did was to buy a T Shirt. :) They have some nice exhibits, though i only had my phone cam with me.

Looking forward for more photos and the Niagara experience.

9:51 PM  

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