Sunday, May 21, 2006

Melancholy Me..

We were playing and I was fielding in long on, the weather is just wonderful, cloudy, a vast space around and you will feel that space, and a few drops fell on my face. Long time since I had this feeling.

I am feeling some kind of calmness, I took a deep breath, and it is cold. I knew that it will all come out now. Yea it is coming. There is a very deep connection between your inner feelings and nature; I think it is like this for many of us. I wanted to go home, no its not just home sickness, it is something else, more than that. Even if I am at home I am pretty sure that I will have this same feeling. So I think hard to find out what it is. No it is waste, ‘coz I tried it so many times and there is no clear answer. But I like this feeling somehow, just sit quietly, keep a pen with you, sometimes you will be able to write down something.

But it is of no use, since you will never get that same feeling by reading that after some days.
All this may feel so strange and stupid then.

But I believe these stupidities is the real you, yea he is never worried about stupidities.

I was there..

I got sreenath’s engagement pics. Nice ones. I was not there. Still I could see me standing beside all of them, smiling.
It was like me looking the other me, which I was used to.

I thought of this particular scene in Dil Chahtha Hai, where Akash watching his old self.