Sunday, April 23, 2006

Evening Walks

Went for an evening walk after a long time, last time it was from Bhavani to technopark club (or in kadakkal). But every time it was very relaxing, I forget everything, evening sky and sun painted a perfect set for everything.

During school days I used to go for a walk with my friend, first we will meet in temple then from there we have no clear plans, just walk, “kanda vazhikaliloode”,

Later it became an unavoidable part of my life; every evening I felt uneasy inside my home, felt uneasy in doing anything and I will go for a walk and it solved everything. I was discovering an important part of my life. It is like, me talking to myself; to evening sun; to nature and all of them consoling me and making me feel happy.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

saawariya saawariya..

Totally exhausted after playing, listening to “saawariya saawariya..” .
Every song, every piece of good music is associated with a memory.
I can see bchay driving a metallic blue zen , we stopped in between to explore the sideways, we were trying to reach near that huge rock we saw on the way, we walked towards its direction, there was no clear way to lead you, you have to make your way ..
At last we realized that we are no way near to that rock…

Every time it look so long to realize..